I am available for private study as well as for lectures, workshops and clinics for intermediate and advanced players, working with students of all ages at institutions or schools.

Private Study Online

I also teach online, where a pianist can either send me a piece that they are working via an email attachment or by mail.

The student states what their goals are and then I make comments on their interpretation. I then play the same piece using their ideas and goals as my basis for an arrangement. I send the student either by email or mail, the music and recording of my arrangement of their piece plus an explanation of what I have done.

Because of the amount of time it takes to prepare for this type of customized lesson, the fee, including postage, is:


When you are ready for another lesson you resend me, what you have done or go onto some new music. No pressure for weekly commitments. Students have enjoyed this approach because they can keep an extensive file on lessons and are easily able to track their progress.

Private Study Offline

Private lessons available at my home/music school in Cresskill, New Jersey.

My home/studio consists of a Steinway L Grand Piano, an August Forester 7’2″ Grand Piano , Upright Pianos,  Roland Digital Pianos, (for conducting classes) an 88 Fatar Studio Logic Midi Controller hooked up to a iMac utilizing Sibelius Ultimate, Garage Band and a Gretsch Drum Set.

A perfect environment for people wanting to learn how to play in an ensemble situation, or working towards a school jazz audition

$80.00 per hour

Private Study of Jazz Piano Theory/Improvisation via Skype, FaceTime or Zoom.

30 minutes-45 minutes-60 minutes or more are available. Please contact me

regarding fees or questions..

System Requirements:
Skype account
-Mac or Windows computer
-Microphone and Video Cam
-Speakers or headphones
-High-speed Internet access (DSL or cable)